About Us

Our Beliefs

“ Our business is small but beautiful ”

Wooden toy industry is considered small comparing to other industries in the world but we are proud to create beautiful wooden toys which is an essential part of growth and early year development for children in our world.

“ Good design brings new customers,
Good quality keeps customers ”

We work hard to create good toy and work harder to maintain and update own quality along with safety for each toy we make. Our product comply with international standard ASTM and EN-71

“ To be a good organization: Smart & Civilized Society ”

We believe and practice numerous activities long before the word CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) become popular among businesses.


International Awards

Our toys have won many awards both international and domestic.
Our Awards include: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Parents Magazine, Spiel Gut, Creative Child and many more.

Environmentally Friendly

Wonderworld is a strong advocate of protecting the environment. We insist on using rubber-wood, an environmentally friendly, renewable resource. Rubber-wood is harvested as by-product from the culling of rubber trees that are in excess of 25 years of age. These trees no longer produce latex for commercial applications are cut down in order for new rubber trees to be planted. Not only is there no deforestation but every part of the tree is employed to its maximum use.

Tree plus

“ Since 2007, we planted over 179,850 trees back to the forest ”

Tree plus project is a permanent tree planting program that Wonderworld has helped save our environment since 2007. Each year Wonderworld plants 1 tree for each tree used in Wonderworld toys in additional to 1 rubber tree already replanted by farmer.

Tree plus project is in cooperation with

  • Rabbit in the Moon foundation (NGO)
  • Simba Toys Thailand
  • DADWAY,inc
  • TopToy
  • DKL
  • Nichiworld
  • The Chocolate Factory
  • Thai Foresty Department
  • The Royal Thai Government
  • Department of Marine and Coastal Resources
  • อุทยานธรรมชาติวิทยาตามพระราชดำริ
  • 1 First Army Area
  • Government Organisation
  • People in the local community where we do plantation.


” Project Tree Plus Wonderworld 12th Anniversary in 2018. “

This year, Wonderworld will plant 20,000 mangrove trees on  Sunday  3th  June  2018  at Trad, Thailand.

ad tree plus
12 year tree plus

Our CSR activities