Basic Learning


    Age : 12 m+

    Child Development : I can sit & crawl

    Description :

    • Enjoy hand-size wooden vehicle.
    • Promote hand-eye coordination along with hand muscles.
    • Lovely character and bright colors attract children attention & concentration.

    Dimension : 8×13.5×9 cm.

    Packaging : Window Box


    Age : 12 m+

    Child Development : I can stand & walk

    Description :

    • Learning to walk, young children are assisted by unique speed control system that prevents them from going too fast or tip over.
    • Speed is adjustable as their walking ability improves.
    • Storage space is provided for carry around their gadgets.

    Dimension : 35×39.5×42.5 cm.

    Packaging : Closed Box

  • WW-1195 TWIST ‘N’ ROLL

    Age : 3m+

    Child Development : I can reach & grasp

    Description :

    • As I can manipulate my fingers and hands with better skill, I come to learn about hand-eye coordination. Grasping and shaking toys to produce sound and movement, or dropping toys also become my fantasy!

    Dimension : 12x12x11 cm.

    Packaging : Header card