I can use fingers


    Age : 12m+

    Child Development : I can use fingers

    Description :

    • One or more can play this bead roller-coaster and have a lot of fun whilst developing hand-eyd coordination, shape and color recognition as well as fine-tuning motor skills. Strategy is needed, imagination and vision-tracking and of the end come the rewarding click in distinctive tones. Wires heavily coated in lively colors, matching beads in sare non-toxic colors, solid base.

    Dimension : 25x30x28 cm.

    Packaging : Exhibition box

  • WW-2008 CITY BEADS

    Age : 12 m+

    Child Development : I can use fingers

    Description :

    • I love to play with CITY BEADS, which is based on transportation in the city, with maneuvering possibility of train, car, plane and helicopter, both through sky and tunnel. With rise-up platform and over-size scale mean additional fun to me as I play with my friends. Tilting the bead set at an angle to face me directly, greatly enhance my interaction with each character.

    Dimension : 30x49x41 cm.

    Packaging : Brown Box + Colour Label