I can build


    Age : 36 m+

    Child Development : I can build

    Description :

    • Trix Track Playclass set comes with 255 Trix Track pieces, a play board, container and exercise sheets.
    • The set can be used both as a toy and educational aid. Trix Track is a tool that helps children learn about physics, problem solving, creativity and team work.
    • Children can build the suggested Trix Track combination sets (freestyle mode) or follow problem solving exercises from beginner to advanced level (challenge mode). In each exercise, children have to build using assigned Trix Track parts to connect the starting point to the finishing point while navigating through obstacles. The exercise comes together with an online syllabus that turns theory into practice.
    • Children can see physics in action and develop an understanding of concepts such as distance, velocity, force, gravity, friction, energy and many more.

    Dimension : 77×56.5×44 cm.

    Packaging : Brown Box